USBtribeMIDI interfaces for KORG Monotribe and Volca synths.

USBtribe USB connected Monotribe MIDI interface

USBtribe & DINtribe

USBtribe - USB MIDI interface for the KORG Monotribe analog ribbon station.
Our USBtribe adds a USB socket to your synthesizer, providing MIDI i/o over USB. Furthermore, our Monotribe MIDI mod doubles as a power supply, making it the only combined MIDI interface and power supply currently available for Monotribe! Power, sync and control your Monotribe using just one USB cable and no external midi interfaces or power supplies. Just Plug&Play!

DINtribe - DIN MIDI interface for the KORG Monotribe analog ribbon station.
Our DINtribe mod adds DIN MIDI input and output sockets to your synthesizer, providing MIDI parameter i/o and MIDI synchronisation with your existing MIDI equipment! Also, if you already have a USBtribe board, the DINtribe will act as an expansion board giving you both USB and DIN MIDI connectivity. The best of both worlds!

MIDIbeats, MIDIbass & MIDIkeys

MIDIbeats - DIN MIDI interface for the KORG Volca Beats Analogue Rhythm Machine.
Our MIDIbeats solderless MIDI mod. Add MIDI out to your Beats. MIDI output of sequenced notes and many front panel controls. Simple to install, solderless design using gold plated spring contacts to make connection between synth and mod board.

MIDIbass - DIN MIDI interface for the KORG Volca Bass Analogue Bass Machine.
The solderless MIDIbass mod. DIN MIDI output of sequenced notes and front panel controls. Gold plated spring contacts make the connections, eliminating the need for soldering.

MIDIkeys - DIN MIDI interface for the KORG Volca Keys Analogue Loop Synth.
COMING SOON! The MIDIkeys solderless mod. Enable output of sequenced notes and front panel controls over MIDI. Gold plated spring contacts mate with the synth's internal connections. A simple, solder free installation.

To find out more about the main features of the USBtribe, DINtribe, MIDIbeats, MIDIbass and MIDIkeys, head over to the Products page.

For installation instructions and downloads, including firmware, the Monotribe MIDI implementation chart and the User Manual, you'll want the Support page.

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USBtribe News

New USBtribe firmware update available

Written by James on April 9, 2013.

We have uploaded a new firmware to the Support page. This latest firmware adds a couple of cool features to the USBtribe. Firstly it enables the EXP connector, on the bottom left hand side of the board, for connecting the new DINtribe board as a daughterboard add-on. This will allow simultaneous USB and DIN based MIDI connections to you Monotribe. Secondly, it enables you to manually advance the sequencer, one step at a time, by sending notes on MIDI channel 2! See the accompanying video for a demonstration of this feature.

DINtribe installation video

Written by James on April 9, 2013.

We have uploaded a quick installation video for our new DINtribe MIDI modification boards. These boards, available on the product page priced at £34.50, represent our most affordable Monotribe MIDI i/o solution yet!

USBtribe user Chris New posts a video

Written by James on January 31, 2013.

USBtribe user, Chris New of New Zealand, has uploaded a really cool video of a live jam using his USBtribe modified Monotribe synth, Akai MPK controller and Ableton Live.

Chris says: -

I've been jamming lots with the KORG and really enjoying the control with the usb card. It sends all midi data i can throw at it, and as i've been using Step-tribe to sequence the note trigger perfectly. I'm running it thru Ablton Live using the fx on the DAW and triggering samples via the MPK.

USBtribe announce 20% discount of RRP

Written by James on January 18, 2013.

Due to improvements in our component sourcing and manufacturing processes, USBtribe are pleased to offer a new lower selling price of £55.00, now with free postage and packaging! This equates to a massive 20% off our original international sale price.

Wire to the ear // review the USBtribe, Monotribe MIDI mod

Written by James on November 14, 2012.

Oliver Chesler over at the "Wire to the ear //" blog has posted a review of the USBtribe, Monotribe MIDI kit, along with a nice little video demo of how the Monotribe MIDI i/o works and some photos of his installation. See it for yourselves here.

Olivers post has also been picked up by several other music technology related blogs from around the world, including: -, a Japanese music technology website;, a German lifestyle magazine about electronic music, computers, capabilities, and thus the electronic aspects of life;, a site dedicated to electronic music synthesizers. Video, audio demos of eurorack analog modular synths, circuit bending, mobile iOS music and more;, all about sound synthesis and brings together realtime media from the Web's top synth resources for enthusiasts to browse with ease;
And, a portal devoted to electronic music. Featuring Electronica News, Music reviews, Instrument Reviews, Articles, Artists and Free Music.


Wire to the ear // is a popular pro-audio weblog written by Oliver Chesler (The Horrorist). Daily updates focus on many other topics as well as the Monotribe mod scene, including articles on creating music with computers, sequencers, plug-ins, synthesizers, microphones and more. On going discussions about song writing, the music business, promotion, live performances, publishing, royalties and great music recommendations.

USBtribe on Google+

Written by James on November 13, 2012.

We've now got a Google+ account. Follow us to keep up to date with all the latest news and developments on the USBtribe Monotribe MIDI mod.